Frequently Asked Questions

What is Popovich Kerr 2020?

Popovich Kerr 2020 is a non-partisan, grassroots movement of NBA fans and American citizens that are demanding more mature, thoughtful, and inspiring leadership in Washington, DC.

Over the last four months, Gregg Popovich and Steve Kerr, along with a few other notable NBA coaches (much love to the Notorious S.V.G.) have consistently reacted to our ongoing political malaise with reason, empathy, and candor. We think the American people deserve better than our current political horror show. Who better than two men with a combined 11 championship rings and 4 Coach of the Year awards between them to revive the concept of American exceptionalism?

And judging by the basketball internet's collective reaction to their comments, we think the idea of a Popovich/Kerr White House has more legs than one of Coach Pop's favorite Williamette Valley Pinots.

Is this for real?

This is as real as Coach Pop and Coach Kerr want to make it. For now, we're just happy to promote their collective vision of American ideals to the benefit of some worthy charities. However, if these guys want to set their sights outside the Western Conference towards Washington, DC, we'd be happy to donate the Popovich Kerr 2020 fan base, logo, and domain name towards a bonafide presidential campaign.

Now seems like as good a point as any in this FAQ to reiterate that we are not affiliated with or sanctioned by Gregg Popovich, Steve Kerr, or the NBA, nor are we a legitimate political organization.

How can I help?

Wow, that's a loaded question given everything that's happening these days. We'll leave it to the experienced political organizers and nonprofit leaders in the audience to give you some more direction in your life. We're just a few dudes trying to sell some merch for charity, so, we'd recommend you buy some merch! 

And if you're serious about drafting Coach Pop and Coach Kerr to restore both dignity and sanity to our executive branch, you can also sign our petition here. Sign the petition and encourage your friends to do the same!

Why is my [t-shirt / coffee mug / mousepad / tote bag / decal / etc.] taking so long to arrive?

Our fulfillment partner custom prints all of these items on demand based on actual orders received, so we don't have a warehouse stuffed wall to wall with ready-to-ship inventory.

That means for each order we receive, our fulfillment partner has to fire up a massive, highly specialized direct-to-garment printer to custom print each item in that specific order. And have you ever tried to operate one of those things? It's a whole thing. Just exhausting.

Unfortunately, one consequence of this on-demand fulfillment model is that during peak seasonal months, orders can take up to 6-12 business days to process. We know that a two-week wait in the Amazon Prime Now era is a tough to pill to swallow, so we appreciate your patience. Again, if it makes you feel any better about things, recall that we are making precisely a 0.0% margin on each of these orders.

Are these items made in the USA?

What are you, a troublemaker? In fairness, that's a good question. It's the humble opinion of the Popovich Kerr Presidential Exploratory Committee that one of the few upsides of our current political climate has been an increased awareness of and emphasis on U.S.-based manufacturing. We encourage buying locally and domestically whenever possible, and for a fairly comprehensive list of American-made merchants, we'd recommend you check out the USA Love List.

To answer your question, all merchandise is printed and shipped by our fulfillment partner in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA. Is that "middle America" enough for you, you smart aleck?

Now, regarding their suppliers, while there are certain t-shirts and other products "Made in the USA," it's a mixed bag and we're evaluating our alternatives here. We will continue to monitor our partner's product selection and, whenever possible, spring for the Made-in-the-USA option. In summary, we'll get back to you on this one.

Now that that's out of the way, are you going to buy some merch or just window shop all day?

What is your refund policy?

I mean...we'd rather you not, unless something is seriously wrong with your order. We aren't exactly a well-oiled fulfillment machine, rather just three dudes with full-time day jobs that are doing this 100% for charity.

That said, if for whatever reason, you ordered an XL blue logo t-shirt and received a white mousepad instead, shoot us an email at and we'll work it out.

Is my purchase on tax-deductible?

No. We are not a category 501(c)(3) organization, we're just giving to organizations that are.

Why are you not planning to share any proceeds with [Insert Name of Charity Here]?

We're not going to try to estimate the number of worthy organizations that protect people and communities threatened by the current political backdrop. Suffice it to say that if we were to spread our anticipated net proceeds equally across all of these groups, we'd end up cutting a lot of sub-$1.00 checks.

This means that out of necessity, we've omitted plenty of worthy organizations from this fundraiser. If you're upset that your favorite charity isn't included in this little enterprise, why not start your own fundraiser? We'll be the first to throw down for some of whatever merch you cook up.

Who designed the Popovich Kerr 2020 logo?

You can thank the great Matthew Hollister (Website | Instagram | Tumblr) for our amazing designs. Matt's work has appeared in The New York TimesThe Wall Street JournalThe Boston GlobeThe New Yorker, Foreign PolicyBloomberg ViewBusiness WeekAdweek, GrantlandThe RingerHardwood ParoxysmBleacher ReportWiredInc.VarietyThe Walrus, and dozens of other outlets far more esteemed than our humble little operation.

We can't thank Matt enough for his time and generosity in helping us get Popovich Kerr 2020 off the ground.